Fitch Laboratory

The Fitch Laboratory provides premium facilities for science-based archaeological research across the Mediterranean, promoting the BSA’s ability to link the humanities and social sciences with the natural sciences. The laboratory’s mission is to support the study of material culture, society and landscape, from early prehistory to modern times, through the integrated use of scientific methods and techniques. It achieves this through:


- a programme of research undertaken as part of wider BSA projects or in collaboration with other UK-  and Greek-based institutions;
- the provision of funding for research at the Fitch, ranging from postdoctoral fellowships to support for visiting researchers and postgraduates (consult the Awards section to see the range of opportunities available; you can read about current award holders on the Staff and Members pages);
- an academic programme of seminars, lectures, and conferences. The Events pages list the dedicated Fitch Wiener seminars in science-based archaeology, and the School's other events often feature Fitch researchers;
- the provision of training courses for postgraduates - follow the Teaching link for current programmes;
- promoting the use of its reference collections by the scholarly community worldwide. The Fitch collections are increasingly being added to the School's Online database of its Museum and Archival collections, accessible via the E-Resources link. 


For further information, contact :
Fitch Laboratory Director or Fitch Administrator