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The Arts Bursary of the British School at Athens (former Prince of Wales Bursary for the Arts) was established in 2001 in recognition of HRH The Prince of Wales’s Patronage both of the British School and its Appeal and to celebrate the royal Patronage the School has enjoyed since its foundation in 1886.


First awarded in 2003, the Bursary aims to give artists - in the widest sense of the term - the opportunity to develop and enhance their work by spending time in Greece.  Successful applicants have included painters, both figurative and abstract, sculptors, one working in clay and another in metal, and a photographer.  Applications from glass-makers, musicians and poets have also been considered.  No Classical or archaeological knowledge is required.

Notable previous Bursars have included:  Richard Billingham, award winning photographer and Turner Prize nominee in 2001;  Tim Shaw, whose work The Minotaur, was placed outside the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden for the premiere of Sir Harrison Birtwhistle's opera of the same name;  Thomas Lamb, who subsequently had a successful show in Bond Street; and Guy Rusha, now hoping for an MFA course in the USA, having sold all the work he produced while in Athens in 2008/9.

The Bursary, which is offered annually, is available to meet expenses of travel, maintenance, and equipment as requested, to a maximum value of £2,500. The award will be made by the Prince of Wales Bursary Committee following interviews in February or March in London, and will be announced by 30 April. It will be tenable immediately and should be taken up within the following twelve months. Recipients of the Bursary must be admitted as Members of the School for the appropriate academic years before receiving their grant. A brief report must be submitted to the Committee on completion of the Bursary programme. Bursars will be asked to donate some record of their work in Greece to the School, and any subsequent display of work achieved should acknowledge the award. Details of application requirements and the deadline for submission will be available from this website in October each year.


Some quotes from previous award winners:

"The experience and work of these two months has been a beginning.  I can only think of possibilities, all of which are in the future."  Peter Bevan, sculptor.

"The Prince of Wales Bursary has been vital in expanding the direction of my current work."  Thomas Lamb, figurative painter.

"I am confident that the experience of visiting Greece has been a profound one that will affect future work"  Tim Shaw, sculptor.

" I think the School allows you to work, it allows you to get up and brush your teeth and just get on with it....a renewed vigour for a serious prolonged attack on the canvas arrived."  Guy Rusha, painter.

Award Holders

- Dover, Annabel (Wimbledon School of Arts) 16/17

- Wright, Eleanor 15/16

- Pimlott, Nathaniel 14/15

- Ilsley, Anna 13/14

- Michael, Sophie 12/13

- Davis, Garan 11/12

- Jurack, Brigitte (Manchester Metropolitan University) 10/11

- Gardiner, Vanessa 09/10

- Rusha, Guy 08/09