The palace of Knosós and its surroundings - 3D virtual reality tour

The Bronze Age palace at Knossos is one of the largest and most important sites on Crete. In part due to its controversial restoration by Evans, it consists of numerous interior spaces not all of which are currently open to the public. The BSA, in co-operation with the ΚΓ' ΕΠΚΑ and the University of Glasgow, has created a 3D virtual reality tour to allow users access to the entire site. The tour, presented here, consists of 63 different nodes - vantage points from which you can explore your surroundings. Click here to begin your tour in the West Court, or here to begin in the Central Court.


To enjoy the tour, you need Apple's Quicktime plugin. Click here if you need more information.

Warning: On 64bit versions of Windows 7 you may have to switch to Windows XP Compatibility mode for the quicktime plugin to function correctly. See your user manual.