Artist in Residence talk

Tina Rowe, Artist in Residence

British School at Athens, Upper House 52 Souedias Street, Athens, Greece

Artist in Residence talk Tina Rowe (University of the Arts London/BSA), Artist in Residence Abstract: UAL Research Resident Artist Tina Rowe will talk about the residency and the ways that this experience has evolved her approach to her PhD. She will discuss her use of the archive and the questions that have arisen from working […]

BSA & the Hellenic Centre, “Artist’s Talk by Returning Resident Joshua Whitaker: Acid History – Into the Silver Screen”

The Hellenic Centre 16-18 Paddington Street, London, United Kingdom

BSA & the Hellenic Centre event Artist’s Talk by Returning Resident Joshua Whitaker: Acid History – Into the Silver Screen Abstract: A talk/performance by artist Joshua Whitaker presenting writing, photography, and film developed during his stay as Arts Researcher in Residence at The British School at Athens (BSA) in partnership with Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon […]

Joshua Whitaker, ‘Acid History‘

Image Credit: Joshua Whitaker, ‘Acid History’ film still (2023) Joshua Whitaker (University of the Arts London, BSA Artist in Residence), ‘Acid History‘ Abstract: ‘Acid History’ is neither a record of psychedelic culture nor a catalogue of LSD experience. ‘Acid’ is deployed within the seminar, as Jeremy Gilbert has theorised it, as an adjective— a term […]

Mo Throp “Understanding Fine Art practice as Research”, W K Lyhne, “Can the Image of the Agnus Dei be remade using Maternality?”,

Dr Mo Throp (Associate Researcher Chelsea College of Arts), "Understanding Fine Art practice as Research" and W. K. Lyhne (BSA Arts Bursary Award Holder 2022), "Can the Image of the Agnus Dei be remade using Maternality?" Mo Throp will discuss how the process of the introduction of PhD programmes for Fine Art has brought particular […]

Syma Tariq, “Dreaming of Entopia: Constantinos Doxiadis in Pakistan”

Source: Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives© Constantinos and Emma Doxiadis Foundation                         Syma Tariq (University of the Arts London / BSA Arts Residency holder), "Dreaming of Entopia: Constantinos Doxiadis in Pakistan" Abstract Greek architect and town planner Constantinos Doxiadis played an enormous role in the urban […]

Onyeka Igwe: Scenes from the BSA Archive

British Academy, Lecture Hall , United Kingdom

  Onyeka Igwe is the 2019 BSA Arts Bursary holder and returns from a residency in Athens to share her encounters with the archive. Igwe researches the colonial imagination, its knowledges and influence on the archive and then uses a methodology, critical proximity, to create moving image works that attempt to activate archive material in […]