Updates on the progress of the project can be seen through the blog of the Pendlebury Archive Project.

The Pendlebury Archive Project, generously funded by the Wykeham Patrons of Winchester College in the UK, is working towards making this fascinating collection of Archaeologist, Wykehamist, and WWII hero, John Pendlebury and his family accessible online from late 2018.



  • 30 May 2018
    Alessandro Ceccarelli, " The Potter's Wheel in South Asia: a Technological Re-examination of Bronze Age Craft Production in the Indus Zone"
  • 31 May 2018
    Dr Florence Liard, "The potter's art in Latin Greece: a petrological approach to traditions, innovations, and networks of interactions"
  • 05 June 2018
    Professor David Sedley, "Xenocrates and the invention of Platonism: a textual approach"
  • 07 June 2018
    John Kittmer, "Ritsos in Monemvasia: A Literary Guide for Travellers"