In its long history, the British School has acquired enviable research resources. These are available to scholars via our Knossos research centre, the Athens Museum, Archive, and Fitch Laboratory. Their history is intimately linked to the personalities who have worked with us. Our Museum dates to the earliest years of the School in Athens, when the Upper House saloni was used to strew sherds from School expeditions and when we acquired the personal collections of George Finlay. At Knossos, Arthur Evans' transfer to the School of the palace and his personal estate in 1926 marked the beginning of a relationship which continues today. Knossos is now the property of the Greek State, but we retain our research centre in the Taverna.  Our newest department, the Fitch Laboratory, was created in 1973 through the vision of the School Director, Hector Catling, and the generosity of Marc Fitch  - then, as now, it was a pioneer in Mediterranean science-based archaeology. Today our departments offer a range of services and on-line resources described in the associated pages and via the E-Resources link.  Please contact the departmental heads for further details.