Over the past four decades the Fitch Laboratory has built up an enviable resource base. It is housed in a two-storey purpose-designed building, and offers up-to-date facilities for sample processing, preparation, examination and analysis, as well as for experimental work. 


Archaeomaterial section

The Archaeomaterials section is designed to support interdisciplinary scientific analysis of archaeological ceramics, metals and metallurgical remains, vitreous materials, lithics, building materials, mortars, pigments and soils. The main facilities concern analytical chemistry, optical microscopy and replication experiments for the study of ancient crafts, exchange networks and technological landscapes.


Bioarchaeology unit

The Bioarchaeology unit includes facilities for research on the archaeology of plant and animal ecology and ancient diet studies.


Geophysical prospection

The laboratory contains equipment for geophysical prospection of archaeological sites. It is used by laboratory staff and is also available for rent by BSA members and external collaborators.


There is ample room for laying out or storing materials, fully-equipped office space, and a seminar room.