Ms Danae Lange

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British School at Athens
Villa Ariadne, Knossos
Herakleio, 71409


As the Knossos Curatorial Manager my responsibilities concern the administration and research assistance within the Knossos Stratigraphic Museum. My main task is to supervise the constant process of the Knossos Curatorial Project, which seeks to archive, organise and conservate all collections stored in the Museum, with the help of the curatorial assistant and several interns. 


BA in Archaeology (University of Heidelberg)

MA in Prehistoric Archaeology (University of Heidelberg)

Experience and research interests

My research interest lies with Prehistoric Archaeology, with a twofold focus on Minoan Human-Environmental Interaction and Early Minoan Burial Rites. I studied Classical, Prehistoric and Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg. As research assistant I was able to gain an extensive expertise as field archaeologist, in collection management, digital ink-drawing and academic administration.  

My fieldwork experience at various prehistoric Cretan sites has triggered my focus on Early Minoan burial rites, leading to a corresponding M.A.Thesis on the Legibility of Minoan Funerary Evidence. Besides the Curatorial Project, I am currently involved in the study and publication of the Early Minoan Tholos Tomb B at Koumasa.


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