Dr Evangelia Kiriatzi

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British School at Athens
Fitch Laboratory
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676
+30 211 1022 835 


Research/Academic Positions

Since 2001 Director of Fitch Laboratory, BSA

Since 2011 Honorary Senior Research Associate. Institute of Archaeology, UCL, UK.

2004-2005 Margo Tytus Visiting Fellowship, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati, USA (on sabbatical from BSA for a term)

1997–2001 Research Fellow in Ceramic Petrology (Williams Fellow). Fitch Laboratory, BSA

1994-1997 Research assistant in NERC-funded, based at Universities of Sheffield and Cambridge. 

1992–1993 Research Assistant. Full-time position funded by EU. Greek Archaeological Service & University of Thessaloniki.

1990–1991 Research Fellow. Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

1989–1990 Research Assistant. Department of History & Archaeology, University of Thessaloniki.

1987-1989 Field archaeologist. University of Thessalonici and the Greek Archaeological Service



Her research focuses on the archaeology of technological landscapes, notably in the Aegean. She has a particular interest in the reproduction of technological practice and transmission of technological knowledge within and across different landscapes, through time, aiming at understanding social roles and identities of producers and consumers, as well as cultural boundaries within and across societies. Her work mainly concerns the study and integrated analysis of archaeological ceramics (through ceramic petrology and chemistry), combined with extensive research landscape resources, replication experiments and, often, ethnoarchaeology. She has co-directed three large-scale projects:

  • Kythera Island Project
  • Central Macedonia and Aegean Networks in LBA-EIA; 
  • In and Out the Stream: Pottery Production and Exportation on Aegina from Prehistory through to Modern Times. 


Selected Publications

  • E. Kiriatzi and C. Knappett (eds.), in press. Human Mobility and Technological Transfer in the Prehistoric Mediterranean. Cambridge University Press.
  • C. Broodbank and E. Kiriatzi, 2014. ‘Pottery mobility, landscape survey and maritime activity: a view from Kythera.’ In Y. Galanakis, T. Wilkinson and J. Bennet (eds.), ΑΘΥΡΜΑΤΑ. Critical Essays on the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honour of E. Susan Sherratt. Oxford: Archaeopress. 41-50.
  • S. Andreou, C. Heron, G. Jones, V. Kiriatzi, K. Psaraki, M. Roumpou & S.M. Valamoti, 2013. ‘Smelly barbarians or perfumed natives? An investigation of oil and ointment use in Late Bronze Age northern Greece.’ In S. Voutsaki and S.M. Valamoti (eds.), Diet, Economy and Society In The Ancient Greek World. Towards a Better Integration of Archaeology and Science. Proceedings of the International Conference held at the Netherlands Institute at Athens on 22-24 March 2010. Pharos Supplement 1. 173-187.
  • W. Gauss and E. Kiriatzi, 2011. Pottery Production and Supply at Bronze Age Kolonna, Aegina: An Integrated Archaeological and Scientific Study of a Ceramic Landscape. Ägina Kolonna, Forschungen und Ergebnisse 5. Contributions to the Chronology of the Eastern Mediterranean. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.
  • Pentedeka, A., Georgakopoulou, M., and Kiriatzi, E., 2012. ‘Understanding local products and exploring sources of imports: petrographic and chemical analysis of Classical pottery from Kolonna, Aegina,’ in G. Klebinder-Gauß, Keramik aus klassischen Kontexten im Apollon-Heiligtum von Ägina-Kolonna. Lokale Produktion und Importe. (Ägina-Kolonna. Forschungen und Ergebnisse VI), 102-170. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Science
  • Kiriatzi, E., 2010. ‘‘Minoanising’ pottery traditions in the SW Aegean during the MBA: Understanding the social context of technological and consumption practices.’ In A. Philippa-Touchais, G. Touchais, S. Voutsaki and J. Wright (eds.) Mesohelladika-La Grèce continentale au Bronze Moyen; Actes du Colloque international organisé par l’ Ècole française d’ Athènes, en collaboration avec l’ American School of Classical Studies at Athens et le Netherlands Institute in Athens, Athènes, EFA/Cotsen Hall (8-12 mars 2006). BCH Supplement 52. 683-699.
  • Pentedeka, A., E. Kiriatzi, L. Spencer, A. Bevan & J. Conolly, 2010. From Fabrics to Island Connections: Macroscopic and Microscopic Approaches to the Prehistoric Pottery of Antikythera. Annual of the British School at Athens 105, pp. 1-81.
  • Kiriatzi, E. and Broodbank, C., 2009. ‘The Kythera Island Project of the British School at Athens: research objectives, methodologies and preliminary results’ in G.N. Leontsinis (ed.), Scientific Research on Kythera. Scientific Conference, 19-21 September 2003, Open University, Municipality of Kythera.  241-262.
  • Broodbank C. and E. Kiriatzi, 2007. “The First ‘Minoans’ of Kythera Re-visited: Technology, Demography and Landscape in the Pre-palatial Aegean”, American Journal of Arcaheology 101.
  • Day, P.M, E. Kiriatzi, A. Tsolakidou, V. Kilikoglou, 1999. "Group Therapy in Crete: A Comparison between analyses by NAA and thin section petrography of Early Minoan pottery". Journal of Archaeological Science 26, 1025-1036.