The BSA Library is undertaking a pilot project to provide electronic research tools on dedicated computers within the Athens library.

Aimed to enable researchers to create an index to search electronic texts for keywords and phrases.

These tools enable:

1.    Automated Translation of editable documents, from and into many languages, including Modern Greek.

2.    Conversion of inert PDFs to searchable and editable format using Optical Character Recognition (‘OCR’)   software.

3.   The creation of indexes from texts (PhD theses etc.) and the searching for key words, phrases, and combinations of key word and phrases. Note that the quick iteration which the software allows enables the discovery of new and unexpected combinations of words.  

Sources and format of digitised texts:

1.   Printed texts will need to be scanned. A definition of 300dpi is sufficient (clear margins and black and white text works best) [Format = pdf,  tif]

2.   Downloaded  texts from databases e.g. articles from journals available in JSTOR; open access journals; thesis online [format = pdf]

3.   Original text documents [format =  Windows 7, MAC etc]


We would be grateful for feedback on the usefulness of these tools. Please fill out the questionnaire next to the computer.