The BSA Museum houses artefacts donated, collected, or excavated by the School and its members up until the 1950s, and provides a valuable teaching resource for students.  

At the core of the Museum is the private antiquities collection of the philhellene and Byzantine historian George Finlay, who bought a wide variety of objects around Greece and Europe in the nineteenth century, and lived in Athens from 1829 until his death in 1875.

A number of the School’s early excavations are well represented in the collection; in particular a series of Geometric grave goods from the Athenian cemetery at Kynosarges, and a number of vases from the School’s work in the Cyclades.

The Sherd collection contains several thousand pottery fragments retrieved from surveys conducted throughout Greece and Turkey by members of the School, and is a particularly valuable aid in looking for comparative material within a region. The collection is especially rich in the areas of Northern Greece, the Cyclades, and Euboea.

An electronic catalogue of the entire collection is currently being prepared in collaboration with the School Archive, linking material to the personal papers of collectors and to the note books and publications of excavated material. A programme for the publication of sections of the collection is underway in the School’s Annual; articles to date include the Geometric vases (Coldstream), the terracottas (Pisani), the inscriptions on stone (Lambert), architectural members (Tomlinson), sculpture (Waywell), and black-figure and East Greek vases (Smith).

For further information about the Museum, or to apply for permission to study material held by the BSA, please find the appropriate application under Services-Permits or contact the Assistant Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.