The British School at Athens is an educational charity founded in 1886. It now forms part of the British Academy's network of British International Research Institutes (BIRI) which sustains and supports British research overseas.  The School exists to promote research of international excellence in all disciplines pertaining to Greek lands, from fine art to archaeometry and in all periods to modern times. It does so through:

  • an academic programme of seminars, lectures, and conferences;
  • a programme of research undertaken both alone and in collaboration with UK-based and other overseas institutions;
  • its internationally renowned library;
  • the work of the Fitch Laboratory in science-based archaeological research across the Mediterranean;
  • supporting the work of individual researchers from the UK and elsewhere; including applications for study and fieldwork permits; advice on the development of research programmes; accommodation and facilities in Athens and Knossos; and provision of online services;
  • making their work known through the publication of its journals and monograph series;
  • promoting the use of its archival, laboratory, and museum collections by the scholarly community worldwide;
  • providing funding (including studentships and visiting fellowships) for research in Greece, and to enable Greek researchers to visit the UK;
  • providing internships and training courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, and schoolteachers.