The British School at Athens, founded in 1886, is a registered charity (no. 208673) in English law, and is governed by trust deed. Its patron is HRH the Prince of Wales. It is recognised as a not-for-profit institution in Greece.  Its constitution, purpose and objectives are defined in its Statutes.

The governing body of the School is its Council, members of which are Trustees under the terms of the Charities Act 1993. The Council consists of the Chair, Honorary Treasurer, 4 members elected by the School's Subscribers for a 4-year term, 2 members elected by School Members for a 2-year term, and 4 nominated members elected by Council for a 4-year term. A Vice-Chair is elected from its number. The Search Committee considers the balance of skills and interests represented on the Council whenever a nominated vacancy arises, identifies potential nominees by all appropriate means, and puts forward names for consideration so as to ensure that the Council is equipped to exercise critical scrutiny of all areas of the School's operation.  An Annual General Meeting of Subscribers is empowered to amend the Statutes and must approve the Annual Report and accounts.

Charge of the School in Greece is delegated to the Director, who is the principal executive and accounting officer of the School and represents it in Greece and with any third parties whatsoever.

Council is advised by four executive Committees - for Archaeology, for Society, Arts, and Letters, and for Finance and General Purposes (the Chairs of which are members of Council), and for Publications - and in turn by a series of subcommittees. Members serve for 4-year terms, running from 1st April in the year of election. Upcoming vacancies on Council, its Committees and Subcommittees are advertised on this website at the end of the preceding year, and potential applicants are encouraged to apply via the Chair of the relevant committee, as instructed: elections take place at the February Council meeting or Annual General Meeting as appropriate.

The Governance Committee conducts periodic reviews of the School's governance, and ensures that it is compliant with UK legislation and regulations, and other requirements placed upon it (including those of the Charity Commission).



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