Conference Programme: 

Wednesday 14 January

9.30 Introduction

10.00 Paul Stephenson (Nijmegen) Keynote Lecture How Byzantine was the Adriatic?

10.50 Questions

11.10 Coffee

Morning session Chair: Chris Wickham

11.30 Tom Brown (Edinburgh) The Early Rivals of Venice: Comparative Urban and Economic Development in the Upper Adriatic c. 751–1050

12.00 Stefano Gasparri (Venice) Le origini di Venezia fra l’Italia, Bisanzio e l’Adriatico

12.30 Questions

13.00 Lunch Break

Afternoon session 1 Chair: Sauro Gelichi

14.00 Francesco Borri (Vienna) A Winter Sea: Byzantium and the Barbarians during the Ebbing of the Adriatic Connection 600–800

14.30 Oliver Jens Schmitt (Vienna) Dalmatia and Albania under Venetian rule

15.00 Trpimir Vedriš (Zagreb) Hagiography and the Cult of the Saints in Early Medieval Byzantine Dalmatia

15.30 Tea

Afternoon session 2 Chair: Valentino Pace

16.00 Jean-Marie Martin (CNRS) La Pouille byzantine

16.30 Magdalena Skoblar (BSA/BSR) The Iconography of the Virgin in the Early Medieval Adriatic  (c. 751–1095)

17.00 Questions

17.30 Christopher Smith (BSR) Presentation of the Adriatic Connections workshop held in October 2014

19.30 Drinks reception

Thursday 15 January

9.30 Richard Hodges (Rome) Keynote lecture The Adriatic Sea AD 500–1100: Corrupted or  Unified and ‘Global’?

10.20 Questions

10.40 Coffee

Morning session Chair: Chris Wickham

11.00 Sauro Gelichi (Venice) Venezia e l’Adriatico tra la tarda antichità e l’alto medioevo: evoluzione dell’insediamento nel quadro socio-economico

11.30 Joanita Vroom (Leiden) Thinking of Linking: Pottery Connections, Southern Italy, Butrint and Beyond

12.00 Pagona Papadopoulou (Athens) From One Coast to Another and Beyond: Adriatic  Connections through the Sigillographic Evidence

12.30 Questions

13.00 Lunch Break

Afternoon session Chair: Judith Herrin

14.00 John Mitchell (Norwich) Abul-Abbas & All That: Visual Dynamics between the Caliphate, Italy and the West in the Age of Charlemagne

14.30 Valentino Pace (Udine) Icone e affreschi della Puglia nell’Adriatico e nel Mediterraneo bizantino

15.00 Questions

15.30 Tea

Friday 16 January

9.30 Michael Angold (Edinburgh) Keynote lecture Venice between the Adriatic and the Aegean in the Twelfth Century

10.20 Questions

10.40 Coffee

Morning session Chair: Judith Herrin

11.00 Peter Frankopan (Oxford) The Rise of the Adriatic in the Age of the Crusades

11.30 Christopher Wright (London) Contexts of Sea Power and the Evolution of Venetian Crusading

12.00 Questions

12.30 Lunch Break

Afternoon session Chair: TBA

13.30 Guillaume Saint-Guillain (Amiens) Venice and the Southern Adriatic after the Fourth Crusade: Negotiating the Expansion

14.00 Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan (Paris) Venise cosmopolite: le cœur battant de la Méditerranée chrétienne

14.30 Questions

15.00 Tea

15.30 Judith Herrin (London) and Chris Wickham (Oxford) Closing responses and final discussion