Professor John Bennet

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British School at Athens
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676
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My research focuses on the archaeology of complex societies (particularly the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean), the archaeology and history of Crete, early writing and administrative systems (especially Linear B), and on the Venetian and Ottoman periods in Greece, often explicitly integrating material and textual evidence.  My further interest in diachronic regional studies has been developed through fieldwork in Crete (Knossos; Phaistos region; Chania region), mainland Greece (Pylos region) and the islands (Keos; Kythera).

As Director, I co-edit the BSA Annual and compile the annual Archaeology in Greece bulletin for Archaeological Reports.  I am available to advise current and prospective postgraduate students.

I have taught in the Universities of Cambridge, Wisconsin–Madison and Oxford and also currently hold a Chair in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

Principal publications: 


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Chapters, etc.

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