Dr John Gait

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British School at Athens
Fitch Laboratory
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676



Through my studies of European prehistory, Egyptology, and Sudanese archaeology I have developed a wide ranging interest in archaeology in both historic and prehistoric contexts. My recent research has examined systems of pottery production and use within the late Neolithic A-Group and early Bronze Age C-Group cultures of Lower Nubia (Egypt/Sudan), focusing both on the manner in which material culture reflected underlying patterns of social organisation and economic activities, but also addressing wider questions concerning the nature of the cultural and historical transitions that occurred within Lower Nubia during the 4th and 3rd millennia BC. 

As the Williams Fellow in Ceramic Petrology I aim to expand on the Fitch Laboratory’s long standing reputation as a leading centre of research in Aegean pottery by undertaking research projects studying material from a wide range of archaeological and geographical contexts in the Mediterranean and North Africa, including Crete, central Anatolia, Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia. I also contribute to the Fitch Laboratory’s annual postgraduate training course on ceramic petrology and am responsible for the maintenance of the ceramic petrology equipment.