Dr Chryssanthi Papadopoulou 

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British School at Athens
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676
+30 211 1022 804


My research project entitled ‘Phenomenology in Archaeology and the Hyperreal Archaeologist’ applies phenomenological paradigms to both maritime and land approaches to material culture in an attempt to enhance current archaeological methods. It places emphasis on ancient and modern perceptions of Place, and the role of the latter in current archaeological investigations and interpretations. Part of this research focuses on the archaeologist per se as a subject of enquiry and shows how we (archaeologists) inevitably project post-modern concepts onto antiquity.
The first part of my research focuses on bygone, alternative spatialities (e.g. sanctuaries, ships) and the rules of engagement these imposed on those who visited or dwelt in them. It aims at showing that these spatialities have been instrumental producers of cultures and socialities in antiquity. The second part of my research focuses on contemporary perceptions of materiality, art and Place. It aims at exploring the (almost inevitable) process by which these perceptions impinge on our understanding and infiltrate our narratives of the past. This research is multidisciplinary and combines the fields of (land and maritime) archaeology, philosophy, anthropology and analytical psychology.

Chryssanthi Papadopoulou is a Classical archaeologist. She received her BA Hons in Archaeology and History of Art in 2003 from the University of Athens, her MSc in Maritime Archaeology in 2005 from the University of Southampton, and her PhD in Classics in 2010 from King’s College London (thesis title: The navy in fifth-century Athens: evidence from Athenian religion). She has been excavating shipwrecks with the Hellenic Institute of Maritime Archaeology since 2005, has excavated harbour facilities with the Zea Harbour Project, and is currently the Assistant Director of the Mazotos Shipwreck Project, an excavation of the University of Cyprus under the direction of Dr. Stella Demesticha. From 2012 to 2014 she was the Leventis Fellow in Hellenic Studies at the BSA. Her research interests include Greek religion, ship anthropology and spatial theory.


Selected Publications

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