To become a Member of the School, you must be pursuing studies in any discipline related to the Hellenic world at graduate level or above. Members include current School award holders, staff and postgraduate students from institutions of higher education, museums and other such bodies, and schoolteachers in the British Isles, the Commonwealth, and other countries of the European Union. The Director may approve applications from bona fide independent writers, artists and researchers, and in exceptional cases from undergraduate students where particular need can be demonstrated.

Only Members may use the School's accommodation and support services in Athens and Knossos. Membership entitles you to:

- Use the library and computer room on a 24-hour basis;

- Book accommodation in the School;

- Use the Finlay Common Room and its facilities;

- Apply for permits from the Greek Archaeological Service;

- A free entry pass for all museums and sites in Greece;

- Apply for awards restricted to Members (listed under Funding);

- Low-cost photocopying and scanning.


Participants in fieldwork or study projects sponsored by the School who are not already Regular Members are required to apply for Associate Membership through their project director. Associate Membership is only available under circumstances such as these and offers minimal benefits. Associate Members who wish to use the School for their own research will be required to become Regular Members.

Regular Members also play a role in the School's governance.  Members in the current and previous session may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting, and Members in the current session elect 2 members of Council. 

To apply for Membership of the School, send the completed application form to the Admissions Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Important information for Members is available in the link on the right of the screen.


Membership fees 

Full Members Per Month Per 5 months Per Session Sporadic
UK- Based £41 £146 £247 £102
Non UK- Based £55 £206 £313 £102


Sporadic: occasional use of the BSA (maximum 90 days per session) for those  resident in Greece outside Athens (offered at the discretion of the Director).

There is a refundable key deposit for non-resident members.


Associate Members

Participants in excavations, surveys, and study projects sponsored by the School: £20 flat rate fee.  These members are entitled to use the Hostel (Athens or Knossos) for 3 days on either side of the project (accommodation charges apply as for full members). Outside this time standard membership fee applies.


These fees are payable in advance and are non refundable.