A cross-disciplinary project into the role of mainly of central Macedonia and coastal Anatolia in the Aegean networks during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, focusing on issues of migration, identity, the transfer of technological knowledge and the reproduction of craft traditions and consumption practices in the context of interregional contacts and colonization.

It draws mainly upon ongoing collaborative work on the region of Macedonia (Hellenisation of Macedonia - focusing on two major coastal settlements, Thessaloniki Toumba and Methoni Pierias, and a growing number of inland sites) and recently initiated research in coastal Anatolia (Çeşme Bağlararası). Although at present research is based on the study and analysis of ceramics, it is already planned to expand towards other types of material culture and bioarchaeological materials from the same sites. Research has been funded through grants from the Institute of Aegean Prehistory, the British Academy and the Centre of Greek Language (Ministry of Education, Life-long Learning and Religions and the European Union).


Fitch Laboratory, BSA:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Xenia Charalambidou

Collaborators: Stelios Andreou and Evangelia Vliora (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki),

Manthos Bessios (KZ’  E.P.K.A.),  Antonis Kotsonas, (University of Cincinnati),   Maria Roumpou (Harokopio University, Athens), Vasif Sahoglu (University of Ankara)