The British School supports research into all aspects of Greek history and society. Our Archival holdings have contributed to a number of recent and ongoing biographical studies (on Finlay, Venizelos, and Pendlebury, for example), and they continue to expand. Most recently, we have been privileged to receive a substantial portion of the Noel Baker family papers relating to the lives in Greece of one of the longest continually resident British families, and to their friendship with such leading British Philhellenes as Lord Byron. An Annual Archive Lecture marks the contribution of our Archive to scholarship on Hellenism in all its respects.  Secondly, the School serves as a base for projects which benefit from long-term engagement with communities in Greece, and through its membership of the British Academy's BIRI network, helps to link them more widely in the Mediterranean and beyond.


Major projects include:


- Mandate: a comparative analysis of the nature and perceptions of British politics in Greece and the Levant from the mid 19th century British Government in the Ionian Islands to the independence of Cyprus. A collaborative programme with the Council for British Research in the Levant. For further information, please contact the Director.


- Kokkinia Revisited: the long-term history of this community of refugees from the Asia Minor catastrophe, changes in their own perceptions of their heritage and identity, and their reception into the area of more recent migrants. This study forms part of wider work on migration, both forced and economic, and cultural identity among displaced (especially urban) populations conducted by Dr R. Hirschon (Oxford).


- Exile:  a new study of the descendants of the community of political refugees created on the island of Anafi under the Metaxas dictatorship. Prof. M. Kenna (Swansea).