The BSA organises a range of taught courses throughout the year to complement and support university provision, to enable postgraduate students to acquire necessary research skills in archaeology and history, and to give UK school teachers tours and lectures relating to the teaching of A-level Ancient History and Classical Civilisation. 

The annual Summer School for undergraduates celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012, having brought over a thousand students to Greece to explore the breadth of the history and cultures of Hellenic lands, inspiring many in their future university life, and starting an impressive number on the path to an academic career. 

A rotating series of postgraduate courses supplements university teaching by offering skills-based learning in areas not easily accessible outside Greece. The Fitch Laboratory for Science-based Archaeology runs an annual course on the applications of ceramic petrology to a variety of archaeological questions, utilizing its own important collection of thin-sections, widely experienced staff, and world-class facilities.  In alternate years the BSA also offers courses on Greek Numismatics and Greek Epigraphy, which introduce the necessary research skills and review the application of this evidence to the study of archaeology and history. An Introduction to Excavation Pottery is also offered at our Knossos facility with its Stratigraphical Museum housing pottery from over a century of excavations in the region. 

Please see the individual tabs for further information about our courses. An example of how our postgraduate courses can be tied in with university MA programmes can be found here (Warwick University).