15th May- 28th May 2016


Students will arrive at the BSA on Sunday May 15 and leave on Saturday May 28. There will normally be two morning sessions (9.45-11.00, 11.30-12.45), with a break for refreshments between 11.00 and 11.30. Lunch will normally be provided at 1.00 p.m., followed by two afternoon sessions (2.30 and 3.45 and 4.15-5.30). Unless otherwise indicated classes will take place in the Museum of the BSA.







Monday May 16

General orientation


Numismatic orientation (incl. distribution of (4) coins per student)*.

Resources for the study of numismatics 1: printed

Resources for the study of numismatics: Internet and online databases

Resources for the study of numismatics: Internet and online databases


Tuesday May 17

Tour of the Numismatic Museum, the building and its displays


The Near-eastern background to Greek coinage

The beginning of coinage in Asia Minor


Wednesday May 18


Describing a coin; categories of coin types


Introduction to hoards and site finds

Coins of the kingdoms of Cyprus 1

Coins of the kingdoms of Cyprus 2


Thursday May 19

Metal analysis & methods of production

Die studies & quantification of coinages

Early & Classical Athens

Coinages of the Peloponnese


Friday May 20

Metrology; monetary networks, Aegina & Corinth

Coinages of Italy & Sicily

Conservation of coins

Student presentations of first two coins (Archaic & Classical).*


Saturday May 21

Visit to Lavrion: silver mines and Athenian owls; visit to Sounion



Sunday May 22

Free day


Monday May 23

Alexander 1

Alexander 2

Introduction to Hellenistic

Aspects of Hellenistic coinage: Antigonids

6 pm – ‘L’incomparable beauté des monnaies grecques’


Tuesday May 24

Visit to the BCD Library (9.30)

Visit to Alpha Bank collection

Mithridates Eupator

Ptolemaic coinage


Wednesday May 25

Seleucids 1

Seleucids 2

The coinages of Macedonia and northern Greece

Overstrikes & countermarks


Thursday May 26

Practical activity: coin hoards (Numismatic Museum)

The ‘signing artists’ of Sicily

Sicilian bronze coinage


Friday May 27

Roman Provincial

Persian Coinage

The coinages of the kings of Bactria

Indo-Greek coinages


Saturday May 28

Students’ presentations (Hellenistic coins)*

Discussion: review of course



*At the beginning of the course each of the students will be given four coins from the BSA collection for identification. In addition to simple identification they will be asked to do a small amount of research on each of their coins and make a short presentation to their fellow-students. The presentation of the first two coins (Archaic and Classical) will take place on Friday 20th with the second presentation (Hellenistic) on Saturday 28th.