The British School in Athens and Knossos holds a rich range of collections of international importance, from prints and drawings to botanical samples. We are committed to ensuring that these are widely accessible and integrated into long-term research projects, and that international standards and best practice are followed in the creation and maintenance of our collections, from physical objects to digital repositories.

The British School's Museums and Archives Online is a unified and cross-searchable database enabling worldwide access to our holdings for research and teaching purposes. It is also the repository for the School's growing collection of multimedia resources. The diverse nature of our collections and their differing degree of publication mean that the exact form of information available will vary somewhat. In the case of the Archive, for example, our aim is complete coverage at catalogue level, plus the digitization of collections of major international significance (such as the Byzantine Research Fund archive, the Noel family papers, the Coldstream archive, and the Finlay papers). Those responsible for individual collections continue to welcome enquiries: for further information, please consult the Departments and Permits sections of this website. Above all, Museums and Archives Online is a work in progress - regular additions will be made, and features will be adjusted as we explore the potential of our database. Your comments and advice are most welcome.