Publication of "Imagi(ni)ng ‘Crisis’"

The BSA is pleased to announce publication of a special issue of Visual Anthropology Review edited by Kostis Kalantzis on the visual culture of the 'Greek crisis'.  The publication draws on a workshop Kostis organized at the BSA in December 2013 entitled “Imagi(ni)ng ‘Crisis’: Materialities of Seeing and Representing in the Greek Critical Conjuncture”.


The papers can be accessed on-line, subject to the usual restrictions, at:


Textiles & Identity in the Medieval and Εarly Modern Mediterranean

Textiles offer a rich opportunity to explore the projection of identity, both within and between social and cultural groups. A pertinent arena for such an exploration is the intercultural region of the Mediterranean. This workshop will bring together a group of junior and senior scholars to investigate and elucidate the role of textiles in the cultures of the Medieval and early Modern Mediterranean, and its periphery, with a focus on specific case studies. Our investigation will analyze textiles as tools for projecting identity within specific contexts, whether cross-cultural or not. Institutionalized practices of textile use and reuse, written and unwritten rules governing ceremonial use, the departure from standard practices, the active reception of imports and their interpretation will form the major topics examined by the participating scholars. Our directed investigation will seek to identity parallels and points of contact between the use of textiles in various political entities, and among social groups and cultures. 

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Annabel Dover Arts Bursary and Residency

Annabel Dover is awarded the first British School at Athens Arts Bursary and Residency for Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon PhD Students for 2016/17


BSA LIBRARY - Aerial Photograph Collection, Digital Indexing Project

 Seventy years ago the BSA was given a collection of R.A.F. aerial reconnaissance photographs of Greece taken during the Second World War between 1943-45.  In 1953 an index album to this collection was created by John and Sheila Boardman.


The Pendlebury Archive Project

The John Pendlebury Family Papers, which cover the period from 1913 to 1964, document the life of archaeologist and WWII hero John Pendlebury from his early years as a schoolboy in England through his career as an innovative archaeologist in the Mediterranean.



The Aberdeen Scottish Hellenic Society, on behalf of the four Hellenic Societies in Scotland and the Friends of the British School at Athens, is hosting a one day event in Aberdeen on Saturday 7 May 2016.


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