Visa information

British scholars holding UK passports should note that they may require visas to conduct research in Greece.


Course participants, conference attendees, fellows staying less than three months (including Visiting Fellow, Early Career Fellow, School Teacher Fellow, bursary and scholarship awardees), members or volunteers staying less than three months

No visa is required. Individuals without visas should note that they can stay for up to 90 days only in any country of the Schengen area within a period of 180 days. Visits to Schengen countries within the previous 180 days before travel to Greece count towards the 90 day limit.

Members or volunteers staying in Greece longer than three months, interns, School Students

1) Before departing from the UK, individuals should apply at the Greek Embassy for a Type D A.2.11 National Visa (‘Visa for members of foreign schools of archaeology’). Further information on National Visas is available here. Individuals will need to arrange an appointment for an interview at their nearest consulate and pay a visa processing fee. Visa applications are now outsourced to an external company (Global Visa Center), and the appointment must be booked through their website.

The list of documents required in this application process is given on page 15 of the following document:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport
  • Criminal record certificate (DBS or similar) issued not longer than one year before the date of visa application
  • Medical certificate issued by a recognised state or private institution, showing that the person concerned does not suffer from a disease which may constitute a risk to public health (see here for an illustrative example)
  • Details of travel insurance, with a duration equal to, at minimum, that of the visa issued, covering the costs which may arise in case of repatriation for medical reasons, for urgent medical care and/or for emergency hospital care.
  • A certificate issued by the Ministry of Sports and Culture relating to the scientific activities of the BSA.*
  • A letter from the BSA confirming that the individual is a member, intern or student*
  • A printed copy of the relevant law concerning visas for members of archaeological schools (Article 17(1)(j) of L. 4251/2014)
  • A visa processing fee of 180 EUR

* Available to BSA members on request. Please e-mail Vicki Tzavara to arrange these letters.

The BSA will supply on request letters confirming an individual’s membership status, and the certification of the BSA by the Ministry of Culture. Please note that membership should be for more than 90 days after the intended date of entry to Greece, so in practice members applying for Type D visas will need to pay for 5 month, annual, or sporadic membership.

2) Upon arrival in Greece, individuals coming on a national visa must register for a residence permit at the Aliens and Immigration Bureau. The BSA can help to book an appointment, where one will be required to present:

  • Passport
  • Four passport sized photographs, and images also supplied on a CD
  • A letter from the BSA confirming that the individual is a member, intern or student*
  • Proof of address in Greece (if resident at the BSA, we can supply a letter confirming this)*
  • Proof of finances (if employed by the BSA, we can supply a letter confirming income; otherwise, a printout of recent bank statements will be required)*
  • Insurance documents, with health coverage up to €30,000
  • Two payment receipts (paravola) for €150 (code 2107) and €16 (code 2119)**

* Available to BSA members on request. Please e-mail Vicki Tzavara to arrange these letters.

** For the payment of a paravolo:
1. Visit the webpage:
2. In the box at the top of the page (Αναζήτηση με κωδικό τύπου) enter one of the four digit codes given above. The details at the top of the page should auto-fill, giving the correct payment value.
3. Fill out all relevant personal details.
4. Print the confirmation page.
5. Take this confirmation page to a post office or bank in Greece to pay the required amount.
6. Keep the confirmation printout, and take this as proof of payment to the visa appointment.