Research Associate – Angliker

Dr Erica Angliker

British School at Athens
52 Souedias Street
Athens, 10676
+30 211 1022 830

Erica Angliker


I am a specialist in island studies and Ancient Greek religion with a Ph.D. from Zurich University and two M.A. degrees, one from Columbia University in New York and the other from Unicamp in Brazil. I have published numerous articles and an edited book on topics related to my specialties.

As a research associate at the BSA, I plan to conduct a project that will yield a complete picture of the islet of Tsimintiri (once connected to Despotiko), clarifying the exact period of its occupation, the functions of its buildings and surrounding territory in the context of the sanctuary on Despotiko (especially the purported dancing floor), and its strategic relationship to Despotiko. The investigation t builds on my extensive experience working as an archaeologist at the sanctuary on Despotiko over the past decade and comes with the support and collaboration of the director of the excavations, Yannos Kourayos. The project also includes a sonic experiment for assessing sensorial aspects of music that will be developed in partnership with Angela Bellia.

Currently, I am completing a monograph, titled Sanctuaries and Religious Practices in the Cycladic Archipelago in the Archaic and Classical Periods. This book is the first comprehensive investigation of the ancient cult practices of the Cycladic archipelago and builds on more than a decade of research, surveys, excavations, and scrutiny of materials. The book goes beyond standard works on the region—which invariably prioritize Delos—to capture the multiple facets of the archipelago’s sanctuaries and cults. Rather than using holistic theories to apply the concept of “insularity” across the Cycladic islands, I embrace the fragmentary nature of the archipelago by approaching it as an area characterized by a multitude of “insularities” and non-homogenous groups that acted in accordance with various logics and trends.

My most recent project is titled “The Soundscape of the Pan-Hellenic Sanctuaries of Apollo: Music, Religion, and Society in Ancient Greece.” The aim is to present the first comprehensive study of the soundscape of the major pan-Hellenic sanctuaries of Apollo in Ancient Greece (at Delos, Delphi, Didyma, and Claros).

 I am also collaborating with the Brazilian academy as a researcher on several projects at Unicamp (Department of History) and at the cultural centre Arete. Together with Isabela Cardoso, I have been coordinating the Brazilian Summer School in Greece housed at the think tank IdEA (Unicamp). The school brings Brazilian students of classics to Greece to excavate and experience ancient and modern Hellenic culture. The Summer School also presents an educational program on various topics associated with classics.



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Angliker, E. (2022). Review of A. Mazarakis-Ainian. The Sanctuaries of Ancient Kythnos. 2019 Rennes: Press Université de Rennes. Kernos.