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Fighting for Peace

BSA Early Career Fellow 2017-8 Dr Eirini Karamouzi devoted part of her time in Athens as a scientific curator for an exhibition entitled ‘Fighting for Peace in the 1980s: Greece-Italy-Spain’, organised by the Hellenic Parliament Foundation. The exhibition opens on 15 November and runs until March 2019.

Punic amphoras in Classical Corinth

Punic amphorae found in the ancient city of Corinth are the focus of a research initiative that is being carried out at the Fitch Laboratory this year. Leandro Fantuzzi, Ceramic Petrology Fellow for the ‘Corinth Punic Amphora Building Project’ is conducting petrographic and elemental analysis of these amphorae, in collaboration with Noemi S. Müller and Evangelia Kiriatzi.

Filo-Xeni Archaeologia

The BSA was delighted to join colleagues from the other foreign schools and institutes in Athens and from the Ministry of Culture & Sports at the recent 2-day conference Φιλό-ξενη Αρχαιολογία.