BSA Friends event

George Huxley: Achaeans, Hittites, and the Tale of Troy

Senate House (Room G22-26) Malet Street, London

  The lecture restates the reasons for equating the territory known to the Hittites as Ahhiyāwā with the lands of the late Bronze Age Achaean Greeks. Diplomatic relations between the two realms are examined with particular attention to the city called Wilusa by the Hittites. Finally, it is asked to what extent, if any, the […]

Robin Barber & Tony Spawforth: Instruction in an Antique Land: The First Taught Courses at the BSA, 1973-1989

Senate House (Room 349) Malet Street, London

  No formal courses were taught at the BSA before 1973, the year of the first annual undergraduate programme. This was the brainchild of the then Assistant Director, Robin Barber, and helped to inspire a second, this time for UK school teachers in Ancient History, established in 1979. Both initiatives occurred under the directorship of […]