The Annual of the British School at Athens is an illustrated journal of over 300 pages published for the School by Cambridge University Press.  Established for over a century (the Centenary volume appeared in 1995), it is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes accounts of the School's projects and articles on a wide range of Hellenic subjects. In the 2011 ERIH lists it is classified as INT1 ('international publications with high visibility and influence among researchers in the various research domains in different countries, regularly cited all over the world').

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The Annual is available in print or electronic format (via Cambridge Journals Online). It is also available on JStor with a three-year rolling wall: the contents pages of the three latest issues can be consulted under further information. Further details of the Annual can be found on CUP's dedicated webpage.

For online subscription, follow the instructions on the CUP page.  Subscribing Members of the School who obtain the Annual as part of their subscription should address queries to the London Secretary.


Contributors should contact the co-editor, Dr Peter Liddel, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The co-editors of the journal request that authors of articles submitted to the Annual follow the Guidelines carefully, completing the Checklist and including it with the submission of the paper. Authors should also pay close attention to the Style Summary sheet.


Editorial Board


Professor J. Bennet (British School at Athens)

Dr P. Liddel (Manchester)



Dr R. Brock (Leeds)


UK Members

Professor A. Bogaard (Oxford)

Dr C. Constantakopoulou (London)

Dr O.T.P.K. Dickinson (Durham)

Professor P. Halstead (Sheffield)

Professor J. Herrin (London)

Professor S. Hornblower (Oxford)

Professor L. James (Sussex)

Professor N. Momigliano (Bristol)

Professor C.A. Morgan (Oxford)

Professor J. Roy (Nottingham)

Professor A.J. Spawforth (Newcastle)

Dr M. Stamatopoulou (Oxford)

Professor R. Sweetman (St Andrews)

Dr D. Stewart (Leicester)

Professor G. van Steen (London)

Dr I.K. Whitbread (Leicester)           


International Members

Professor S. Alcock (Michigan)

Professor S. Andreou (Thessaloniki)

Professor J. Crouwel (Amsterdam)

Professor J.L. Davis (Cincinnati)

Professor T. Gallant (San Diego)

Professor Y. Hamilakis (Brown) 

Professor M. Hatzopoulos (Athens: KERA/EIE)

Professor M. Iacovou (Cyprus)

Dr A.P. Matthaiou (Athens)

Professor A. Stewart (Berkeley)