BSA Friends' Lecture

Judith Herrin, “Elements of Greek in Ravenna’s culture: sixth to eighth centuries”

Virtual Lecture

Image: Gold cross in San Vitale, Ravenna. Source: Judith Herrin   Abstract: This talk will explore the influence of Greek and Greek culture in Ravenna, where Latin was the language of everyday life in the sixth-eighth centuries, while Gothic and Greek left deep marks. The reconquest of the city by imperial troops in 540 brought […]

Robert Parker, “New Discoveries and New Problems in Greek Religion”

Virtual Lecture

Abstract: There are always ‘New Discoveries and New Problems’ in Greek Religion, but the two discoveries to be presented in this lecture are exceptional. In 2013 a large new cache was published of the lead tablets on which enquirers at Zeus’ oracle at Dodona wrote their questions. They extend our knowledge of the very down-to-earth problems […]